Consulting Services for Existing Parking Lots

Site Assessment

Replacing an existing parking lot is a major undertaking for any company. While it’s beneficial to have a smooth surface without any cracks or potholes, undergoing the installation of a new parking lot can wreak havoc on the daily operations of a business, causing unneeded stress and frustration. East Coast Preventative Maintenance, makes the installation process easy and worry-free with our site assessment and project management services. We supervise the entire project, from start to finish, making sure it goes according to plan, and ensuring you have a well-paved parking area in the end.

Managing the Maintenance of Existing Parking Lots

Our services range from minor and standard maintenance repair to complete rip-out and rebuild of your parking lots, curbing, and sidewalks. We offer:

  • Property inspection, assessment design, and implementation of maintenance
  • Plans for day-to-day operations
  • Inspection of all manholes and storm drains
  • Inspection of stormwater retention ponds and landscaping
  • Inspection of all asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Inspection of your site for repairs
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East Coast Preventative Maintenance